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Online Discussion:

Multiage Education Listservs

Below are the instructions on how to become part of an internet discussion group, a listserv, centered on multiage education. All of the messages are sent via E-mail rather than being posted on a webpage or collected in a newsgroup. There are several listservs currently available that focus on multiage issues.

Teachers.Net Multiage Mailing List

Teachers.Net hosts one listserv that they label as a mailring. To subscribe follow the directions on their "Mailring Center" webpage, selecting the "Multi-Age" checkbox listed under the "Grade Levels" heading. Note that there are a few other listservs that are selected for you by default. If you do not want to subscribe to one of these, be sure to click on their checkboxes to deselect them. The URL for the Mailring Center webpage is directly below.


Yahoo! Groups

There are also several groups hosted by Yahoo! Each of them has a webpage giving instructions on how to join as well as a short description of the group and some statistics about the number of messages recently posted. Below are the URLs for each of these groups' subscription webpages.

No matter which of the groups you decide to join, you will receive a confirmation message, be sure you save it, it includes instructions on how to post messages to the group and how to unsubscribe.

Note: the National Multiage Listserv is no longer in operation :-(


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