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Welcome to the Multiage Kids webpage!

If you have ever had problems finding just the right stuff on the Internet then this webpage is for you.

We have done our best to find websites that are fun, interesting, and that will help you find out about the things you are interested in.

Before you begin your online adventures, read the Kids' Rules for Online Safety webpage at:

When you've finished, talk about them with your parents and teacher.


 Search the Web

 Reading and Writing

 Science and Social Studies



Kid-Friendly Internet Search Engines & Information

 These websites are designed to help you search the Internet for information you need without leading you to webpages that are inappropriate. If you don't find what you want using one of them, try another.

Ask for Kids:
KidsClick! Web Search:!/
KidSpace @ The Internet Public Library:
Yahoo! Kids:

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Reading and Writing on the Internet

 The links here lead to great websites that can help you with reading and writing!

Children's Literature Authors:
International Author's Tea:
Reading the Genres:
The Reading Zone:
Write Me a Story:

Online Dictionaries

American Sign Language Browser:
Danish-English Online Dictionary:
French-English Dictionary:
Spanish-English dictionary:
Little Explorers Picture Dictionary with Links:
RhymeZone (an online rhyming dictionary):
Word Central:

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Science and Social Studies Links

 There are lots of good science and social studies websites out there, here are some of the best!


Astronomy for Kids:
Froggy Page:
KidsHealth for Kids:
Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam:
NASA Kids:
Neuroscience for Kids:
Nutrition Cafe:
Recycle City:
USGS Learning Web:
VolcanoWorld Virtual Field Trips:

Social Studies
HyperHistory Online:
Kids and Community:
National Geographic Map Machine:
Outline Maps:
We're Headin' West - A Virtual Field Trip Along the Oregon Trail:
White House for Kids:

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Technology Links

 If you like computers and the Internet, these links are for you.

Click-N-Learn - What's Inside a Computer:
Internet Glossary:
Kids' Computer Room:
Lissa Explains it All - HTML Help for Kids:
Netiquette For Kids (how to be polite online):

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Misc. Links

 Here are some great websites that you don't want to miss!

Build-It-Yourself Wild Things:
Chess is Fun:
Dance Mat Typing:
How Stuff Works:
Kid's Domain Craft Exchange:
Learn to Juggle:
Science of Baseball:
Sports Illustrated for Kids:
String Figures:
The Great Outdoors:

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