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This currently is a free service of Multiage-Education.Com for multiage educators. To place an add please continue to the Classified Information page.

Seeking Multi-age Collaborators (Inclusion of Art, Music, PE)

To All Practitioners of Multi-age Education:

My name is Jeff Broome and I am a professor of art education at the University of North Texas. I worked as an elementary school art teacher for many years at a school that featured multi-age classrooms. Since then I completed my dissertation on the subject of "Teaching Art in a Multi-age Elementary Environment" at Florida State University, and have conducted several presentations and written several articles on the subject as well. At my new post at the University of North Texas, I'm seeking to continue my involvement and research in multi-age education in several specific ways:

1) I'm trying to locate interested collaborators in multi-age education, specifically in the "special areas" (such as music, physical education, and art). If your school site sends your multi-age classes to "special areas" in mixed-age groups as well, I'd love to know your name and location. Better yet, if you are a "special area teacher" that directly works with mixed-age groups, I'd love to hear from you too.

2) If there are schools interested in participating in multi-age training specific to the concerns of the "special areas" (again, such as art, music, and P.E.), I'd love to begin open conversations with you as well.

3) Since I'm now working in the state of Texas, I'd like to locate as many school sites in Texas as possible (and elsewhere too, of course) that feature multi-age classrooms.

If anyone can help me with any of the three points listed above, please respond to me directly at:

If interested folks would like to explore my past experiences in multiage art education, I encourage you to take a glimpse at my website:

Thanks to all for your time and consideration. I'm always excited to chat with potential colleagues who share common educational interests.

Best wishes,
Jeff Broome
Assistant Professor of Art Education,
University of North Texas

*Multiage preschool in Tokyo looking for motivated teacher to be a part of
start-up team of emerging international school*

Tamagawa International Preschool in Tokyo is looking for a qualified native English speaking teacher for a part-time position with the possibility of leading to the full time position shortly . Great working environment with welcoming staff. We are still a small school but with a tremendous opportunities and possibilities, looking to expand rapidly. Those who are motivated and want to be a part of start-up team, please contact


Substitute Teachers needed for Maricopa School District


  • AZ State Fingerprint Clearance Card
  • Teaching or Substitute Certificate
  • 3 letters of recommendation

For more information please email me at or leave a voicemail at 520-568-5193





New International School in Tokyo welcomes applications for future faculty positions.  The school is multiage-based from its inception, with about 170 students from preK to Grade 9.   The well-resourced classes are all team-taught by 3 to 5 teachers.   Interested teachers are invited to check out the website at  and then, if still interested,  to attach a resume to  Steven Parr  at:

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